Xerxes Scaleback

A travelling conman who uses his wit and arm to earn a living.


A honeyed tongue conman who travels the world in search of his father(who is a dragon). He is a holy paladin of the dragon god, one might think how would a conman be a worthy job of a paladin it would be against his faith but in fact on the contrary how better to honor a dragon than to hoard gold for it. Xerxes is a skilled swords man that has little talents of anything that doesn’t have anything to do with siphoning the money from the rich or saving his hide from the town guards. He is 6 ft 3 and a has a trimmed beard with hair as dark as the night his eyes are 2 black pools darker than an abyss and wears a constant smug grin.


Very little of Xerxes very early life is know to him, he never knew of his human parents but he can remember his Dragonborn father (Golum – Ei) who raised him in the mountains of Rasal. He taught Xerxes the way of the charlatan and the conman from early on and Xerxes learnt very quickly, he took him on trips to Gorar and Legessi where Xerxes practiced and learnt his father’s art. Xerxes made many friends with the dragon kind and lived happily among them and at long last he earned his fathers name of Scaleback. One day Xerxes said farewell to Rasal and climbed over the sea to Uma where they lived for a few years to come. Xerxes learned a code of honor (if you could call it that) that he would never (or try not to) con the poor, as the many of the living conditions Xerxes stayed in, in Uma where less than adequate and the poor lived in sad and poor conditions. One unfortunate day Xerxes father was captured by the some bounty hunter and hauled of in a cart to rot in some dungeon. Xerxes left alone was called in by the charity of the faith and was given a room and a job in the church there was where he learned to fight with a sword, he kept his past secret so that they would not know that he worshiped a different god and in fact was a thief or a conman. eventually they named him paladin of their faith, through all that he had concealed his true origin to them but as like his father the past caught up to him and they cast him out of their church not before he took all their gold of course. So Xerxes Scaleback with a satchels fool of gold set of into the world to look for his father.

Xerxes Scaleback

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